Rethinking the world – 100 years of bauhaus

In 2019 Germany will be celebrating the founding centenary of the Bauhaus with partners from around the world. The inauguration of the bauhaus museum weimar is one of the highlights of the worldwide centenary programme.

30 09 2016 – 27 05 2017
Weimar. Model city of modernism?

Exhibition at the Bauhaus-Museum Weimar on the ambivalent urban development of Weimar in the 20th century

The Bauhaus collection of the Klassik Stiftung Weimar

The Klassik Stiftung owns a unique collection on the history before during and after the Bauhaus. The bauhaus museum weimar will offer enough space to present the Weimar portfolio to visitors from around the world.

Alma Siedhoff-Buscher »Ship-Building Game« 1923

Alma Buscher-Siedhoff developed a toy for children that offered both the possibility of imitation as well as free creative development.

Bürgerinfo Bauhaus

On the joint portal »Bürgerinfo Bauhaus« (»Bauhaus information for citizens«), the Klassik Stiftung Weimar and die city of Weimar answer questions on the construction of the bauhaus museum weimar.

17 08 2017 – 05 11 2017
Paths from the Bauhaus – Gerhard Marcks and his circle of friends

The exhibition at the Neues Museum Weimar discusses Marck’s idea of the renewal of all art through craftsmanship

Walter Gropius, around 1919, Founder of the Bauhaus

»The ultimate goal of all creative activity is a building!« Gropius proclaims in his Bauhaus manifesto that he wrote in 1919.

There are many reasons to support the bauhaus museum weimar:

»Because clever heads from Thuringia change the world.«

Bauhaus Agents

The Bauhaus as initiator for cultural education today: Bauhaus Agents develop innovative communication concepts for the bauhaus museum weimar.

Marcel Breuer »Stacking tables« 1925/26

The »stacking tables« can be stacked and can easily be transported as a set. Thus they combine balance, harmony and proportion with the principle of functionality.