Campaign »Wir stehen dahinter!«

The bauhaus museum weimar will be a new highlight for culture and tourism in Weimar and Thuringia: with a modern museum concept, engaging exhibits, high-quality interior design and innovative artistic education, it will prevail internationally. We are very enthusiastic about this project and are looking forward to the possibility to establish such a museum.

The Free State of Thuringia and the Federal Republic of Germany are funding the construction with a total amount of 22.6 million euros. This sum is sufficient for the construction itself. For the outstanding quality we are looking for, further funds will, however, be indispensable: here the Klassik Stiftung is looking for friends and supporters who are as enthusiastic as us. We are looking for individuals, companies and initiatives to support us to financially manage this great task.

We would like to thank these supporters for already having partnered with us:

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